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The Digital Commerce Ranking

We lead ecommerce operations to a path of growth with an expert vision about front-end websites

What we do

Your ecommerce siteahead of the market

We create analyses capable of influencing ecommerce markets in different countries, directing manager action in relation to their websites.

We created and disseminated to the market a ranking that evaluates different nuances and ecommerce segments from the buyer’s perspective.

We are a data source that shows ecommerce operations whether their websites are competitive in the market.

We contribute greater awareness for companies that are showcased in our ranking.


How We Do It

Our model was developed by ecommerce experts who have studied user experience best practices.
The model includes eight domains:


Search engine optimization (SEO) analysis based on the Lighthouse tool. The SEO grade is rated on Mobile and Desktop.


Representation of the mobile and desktop browsing experience in terms of accessibility, filtering system, ordering, and all the features that help the customer find the desired product.

Content & Customization

Attractiveness for purchase focused on ratings, creating value for the user, and competitiveness aspects.

Web Performance

Page and image loading time analysis based on the Lighthouse tool. The performance grade is evaluated on Mobile and Desktop.

Purchase Policy

Availability of information about product delivery, exchange, and return process, considering how clear and visible it is to the customer.

Cart & Checkout

Variety of payment methods and Checkout design analysis at each stage, in addition to user perception of payment security.


Checking information about the online shopping process and in-store pickup.

Customer Service

Availability of service channels, analysis of response speed, and clarity of information in the FAQ.

In each domain, we have criteria to evaluate the grade of the site. We understand that criteria have a different importance on the user experience, so each criteria has its own weight.

Weight measurement was performed using two factors: the weight of the criteria and the amount of exposed criteria. 

Our analysis is performed through an experience on the ecommerce site


Mobile: Using Iphone 5/SE Mode with screen size 320 x 568 pixels

Desktop: Using Google Chrome as the default browser for the ESHOPPER analysis as it is the most used globally


During the analysis, only elements related to the shopping journey on the website are analyzed, therefore, we only evaluate public data by analyzing the front-end of websites.

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