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ESHOPPER - Ecommerce Ranking
ESHOPPER - Ecommerce Ranking

About Us

ESHOPPER is a specialist in analyzing the user experience in their online shopping journey. We are an ecommerce analytics tool with an expert view of front-end websites.

Our objective is to offer analysis with indicators and good market practices within the various segments of ecommerce activity: Beauty and Pharmacy, Fashion and Accessories, Electronics, Home Appliance, Home, Furniture and Decor, and Sports.

Our analytics model compares and quantifies the customer experience to give companies visibility into the comparison.

Our Vision

Raise the level of ecommerce in the world

Through the following values:

The ESHOPPER team is composed by usability experts, who are committed to always bringing true and up-to-date information that will bring competitive advantages to the analyzed ecommerce operations.

We seek to be future proof. We will never be obsolete. Our team is constantly improving and always attuned to market news.

We build a custom methodology to uniquely evaluate our customer base. The focus is always on achieving the best end-customer experience.


Customer Testimonials

“After implementation, we saw an increase of ~8% in PDP sales for white goods \o/, improving the consumer's experience when purchasing a home appliance. The project was implemented internally by our squad of Agile Projects, through A/B testing and in the concept of continuous improvement, it's been an incredible partnership to work with the ESHOPPER team that has been showing an excellent result.”
Director D2C and Ecosystem - CompraCerta Grupo Whirpool
Sept 14th, 2021
"When I was introduced to ESHOPPER I could not imagine how surprised I would be by the signs of improvement suggested. Valuable tips that reminded us of the importance of constant monitoring our Ecom. Thinking we're up to date is a big danger. As businesses grow rapidly, someone quickly comes along with a new idea and already leaves us out of date. ESHOPPER's watchful eyes made all the difference to speed up some changes that were on standby. Now it's time to put the improvements into practice, improve the consumer experience and leverage our KPIs. A constant cycle!"
Sales Executive Levi's Footwear - Levi's
Sept 20th, 2021