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VTEX stores represent 60% of the ESHOPPER ranking list

In the last few months, ESHOPPER has been spotted on the feed of some LinkedIn accounts because of our list with some of the greatest Brazilian ecommerce platforms. But in case you still don’t know what ESHOPPER is, we will now explain it to you. ESHOPPER is a company specialized in analyzing the user experience during their online buying journey. It’s an ecommerce analytics tool with an expert view on front-end websites. Our goal is to provide you with indicators and good market practices in various ecommerce segments.  The analysis model built by the ESHOPPER’s experts compares and quantifies the
product review

How can the product review section increase ecommerce sales?

With the new coronavirus pandemic, consumers could not touch or see the products they purchased up close. The number of product reviews thus began to influence new customers’ decisions even more. Therefore, product review sections have become paramount for ecommerce owners who want to increase sales.  Despite its importance, not all ecommerce platforms provide this feature on their websites. According to an ESHOPPER analysis, only 37% of ecommerce platforms display the number of reviews on the PLP.  It is important to highlight that such reviews go beyond the comments left on a page—they also enhance the retailer’s credibility and help
Black Friday ESHOPPER

Black Friday: 10 UX best practices ecommerce companies should follow

Black Friday is considered one of the biggest retail events, so ecommerce companies should stay tuned and focus primarily on the online customer experience. Retailers need to ensure their landing pages are impactful and meet user expectations by focusing on UX and UI best practices and techniques on the front-end. Best practices help the user reach the end of the buying journey and increase ecommerce conversions. To this end, ESHOPPER, a specialist in user experience and usability analysis on websites, has listed the following criteria: 1) Page customization   On Black Friday, many users rely on the content of the

Learn why how-to-buy information can help your customer

It is crucial to guide consumers through their shopping journey in ecommerce so they can buy the products they want in a simple, efficient, and easy way. After all, one of the main benefits of buying online should be its simplicity, especially with a how-to-buy guide. A well-organized ecommerce site makes all the difference in the customer’s buying decision since all they want is to find what they want without wasting too much time and having a variety of options. Although online stores have different characteristics, the shopping process is very similar, and when preparing the ecommerce site for customers,
cross-selling ESHOPPER

How cross-selling can increase your sales

It is common for consumers to go to a store looking for a specific product and leave it with two or more complementary items. This technique of providing a complementary item to the one the customer is buying is called cross-selling. It is an excellent opportunity for companies to increase their revenue in both physical and online environments. However, it must be done based on the buyer’s desires, with products that add to what they are buying. It should also be based on a well-defined persona and good marketing strategies, involving the brand’s short and long-term needs and goals.  This

Why are breadcrumbs important?

All websites and ecommerces that aim to improve their ranking in Google and optimize the user experience should use breadcrumbs. This system is organized by keywords and consists of structured navigation that works like a trail of information provided by the customers from the moment they access the homepage.   The breadcrumbs trail   The concept of the breadcrumb trail refers to the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale, in which the main characters create a trail of breadcrumbs in order to track back to their house. They form a navigation system divided into categories within a website. It allows users
Exchange and Return

Why should ecommerce stores include exchange and return information at checkout?

The sales process is just as important for the ecommerce store as it is for the consumer. Buyers are seeking to fulfill a want or a need, and it is in this process, all the profit for the store making the sale can be found. Therefore, it is essential that the user has access to as much information as possible about the purchase process, product description, the experience of other consumers (ratings with comments) and a very clear checkout, especially with regard to the exchange and return process. It is important to remember that putting products in the cart is

Website carousel with automatic rotation or not? Find it out

If you’re a heavy Instagram user, shop online, and surf the web, you’re probably familiar with the carousel concept on the site, even if you don’t recognize it by name. The carousel on the site is named after the toy that is known in amusement parks that is constantly rotating and returning to the same point. This tool makes it possible for a space that would only display one piece of information to display many more.   What is a carousel in ecommerce?   The carousel is nothing more than a junction of banners in the same space that alternate
Filter by Promotion

Learn about filter by promotion and its benefits for ecommerce

There is no doubt that ecommerce is a convenient shopping option for the user. It allows customers to buy a product they need without leaving their homes.  However, website navigation can be far more complex than navigating in a physical store. The customer may not always find the desired product easily. Therefore, it is important to have filters to improve the user experience. Learn about the importance of the promotion filters.   What are ecommerce filters?   In the ecommerce scenario, filters aim to make the purchase easy and accessible for the user. Thus, the use of filters is one
Number of Reviews

Understand what the number of reviews is and know its importance in ecommerce

Reviews in ecommerce are comments and opinions about the products made by your customers and can further increase their trust when purchasing. On some ecommerce websites, you can see that there are a number of product reviews and comments made by other customers. These report the experience of each with respect to the product being rated. There are a few ways to access this information on a website: on the product page (PDP) or on the product listing page (PLP).   Number of PLP evaluations   On the Product Listing Page, known as PLP, it is possible to view, on