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VTEX stores represent 60% of the ESHOPPER ranking list


In the last few months, ESHOPPER has been spotted on the feed of some LinkedIn accounts because of our list with some of the greatest Brazilian ecommerce platforms. But in case you still don’t know what ESHOPPER is, we will now explain it to you.

ESHOPPER is a company specialized in analyzing the user experience during their online buying journey. It’s an ecommerce analytics tool with an expert view on front-end websites.

Our goal is to provide you with indicators and good market practices in various ecommerce segments. 

The analysis model built by the ESHOPPER’s experts compares and quantifies the customer experience in order to make this comparison available to the companies. The methodology has 217 criteria in 8 different domains: Content and Customization, Purchase Policy, Omnichannel, Customer Service, SEO, WEB Performance, Navigation, and Cart and Checkout. 

Each of these domains has several criteria and different weights. From this analysis, it is possible to rank the ecommerce platforms that were evaluated. 


2021 Ranking


The ranking list published by ESHOPPER in October has 100 companies divided into 6 segments: Beauty and Pharmacy, Fashion and Accessories, Electronics, Appliances, Home and Decor, and Sports. The biggest ecommerce websites in Brazil are ranked according to the traffic data of the first semester of 2021, which is provided by the SimilarWeb platform. 

The list of companies and their respective scores can be found on the ESHOPPER website. An important benefit that this ranking can offer is the opportunity to compare the experience your ecommerce provides with that of your main competitors. This possibility didn’t exist in the ecommerce market—until now. 

Another interesting aspect is that there is no limitation regarding the ecommerce platform, which means you can compare the user journey across multiple websites regardless of the platform you are using.

Sixty ecommerce businesses from the VTEX client base are listed on the ESHOPPER 2021 Ranking, which represents 60% of the awarded companies. Here are some of them: Whirlpool, Electrolux, Samsung, Levis, Philco, Avon, C&A, PagueMenos, Tok&Stok, and more. 

To view the full list, click here


VTEX in the ESHOPPER 2021 Ranking


 Some of the criteria analyzed by the ESHOPPER model were identified in all VTEX ecommerce platforms that got the maximum score.  Native features of the platform are responsible for this result. Let’s see some examples: 

  1. Availability of the “Load more” button to show more products on the PLP (Product Listing Page);
  2. Possibility to place an order as a guest, without having to log in to the site;
  3. The field to inform the expiration date of the credit card follows the same format of the physical cards, that is 2 digits for the month and 2 digits for the year.

These examples refer to the domains: Navigation, Content & Customization, and Cart & Checkout, respectively. These are just some of the criteria analyzed, and the companies that use the VTEX platform get a head start. 

VTEX clients have access to many other features that are in accordance with ESHOPPER’s good usability practices, such as completing the delivery address with the billing address by default, being able to check the shipping price directly on the Product Page, among other options. 

Therefore, when choosing an ecommerce platform, it is important to pay attention not only to what it offers in terms of the back end but also to the features that impact your customer usability. 

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