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Learn about filter by promotion and its benefits for ecommerce

Filter by Promotion

There is no doubt that ecommerce is a convenient shopping option for the user. It allows customers to buy a product they need without leaving their homes. 

However, website navigation can be far more complex than navigating in a physical store. The customer may not always find the desired product easily. Therefore, it is important to have filters to improve the user experience. Learn about the importance of the promotion filters.


What are ecommerce filters?


In the ecommerce scenario, filters aim to make the purchase easy and accessible for the user. Thus, the use of filters is one of the ways to find the desired product more assertively. 

Filters are the options available in the Product Listing Page (PLP) to identify the product you are looking for. In other words, by selecting the desired option, only the products that fit the selected option are displayed.  

Filters vary according to the ecommerce category and segment. Depending on the category chosen, you can have different filter options on the same website, such as by size, brand, price, product reviews, and others. Filters should make it easier to find a product, so providing many options helps the user find what they are looking for, especially when the product catalog is extensive. 


Ecommerce promotions


Promotions have always been appealing to most shoppers. When they find the product they want with a deal, a sense of urgency to buy is created as they don’t want to miss out on the opportunity. 

In physical retail, it is common to find store windows with highly effective promotion signs. In addition, many stores use displaying shelves, islands, and other marketing strategies to show current deals. 

When we access the electronic environment, other communication formats are also used to call the user’s attention to special promotions. Some of them are banners, timers, tagged products, and sales categories on the main menu.  


What is filter by promotion?  


The filter by promotion is filtering the list of products to display only promotional products. These products may have some percentage discount or benefits such as “buy 1, get one free”.

Regardless of the type of discount offered, allowing users to view all promotional products can increase their chances of buying. 

Users looking for a promotional product may or may not know what they want, but if there is something they like on sale, their chances of buying it increase. 

There are also cases in which the user is already looking for a product, but with the discount displayed on the site, they choose to buy it at the website with the lowest price. 


Only 17% of ecommerces have filter by promotion


Considering the aspects of the importance of the promotion filter, it is worth pointing out that this is not yet a popular feature in ecommerce. 

It is demonstrated by the ESHOPPER analysis, in which only 17% of the sites in the ESHOPPER ranking have it. Among those with this option, 30% are from the Beauty and Pharmacy category, and 23.5% are from the Home Appliances. 

Ecommerce websites need to pay attention to this capability in order to provide more convenience and the best experience for users.

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