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How can the product review section increase ecommerce sales?

product review

With the new coronavirus pandemic, consumers could not touch or see the products they purchased up close. The number of product reviews thus began to influence new customers’ decisions even more. Therefore, product review sections have become paramount for ecommerce owners who want to increase sales. 

Despite its importance, not all ecommerce platforms provide this feature on their websites. According to an ESHOPPER analysis, only 37% of ecommerce platforms display the number of reviews on the PLP. 

It is important to highlight that such reviews go beyond the comments left on a page—they also enhance the retailer’s credibility and help them understand their audience better.


How does product review work?


The review section works as a kind of mental trigger and sales persuasion technique that directly impacts conversion increase.

The main idea is to show new users that you can be trusted. If someone with the same needs as them bought the product and guarantees the item lives up to the expectations, they’ll feel encouraged to buy it too. 

In addition, it is essential to make sure you display the product as if it were in the store showcase, giving as much information as the shopper may be interested in.

Product reviews also influence ecommerce in another way: they turn the platform into such a trustworthy place that it becomes the first website consumers visit to search for the product they want. That’s what happens with Amazon, which excels at highlighting the information on the items it sells.

Such success is directly associated with the quality of the information provided by the retailer and with the comments and images posted in the reviews by previous customers.


How to use product reviews to increase ecommerce sales


Ratings can also be of great help when the goal is to increase sales. In addition to launching campaigns on seasonal dates, highlighting at least five positive reviews and scores between 4.0 and 4.7 is recommended, as it increases brand and product reliability. 

As for the negative comments, there’s no need to worry as long as the positive ones prevail. In the end, the bad reviews will help make people believe the positive ones even more.

Ideally, the product page would have many reviews that convey credibility, and having only positive comments published on the website can actually make consumers suspicious.

Attention to detail will also ensure a better relationship between the retailer and the consumers, bringing the customers closer to the brand. Based on the reviews section, the retailer can assess the consumer’s shopping experience, and thus an insight analysis movement is triggered.

When the customer writes a comment sharing what they thought of the product, the delivery, or the customer support, the brand manager knows exactly what the consumer experience is like—from the moment they search for the product on the ecommerce platform until they complete the purchase.


How to get more positive reviews


The person who searches the internet for a product that meets their needs may be satisfied with the delivery and the product itself, but they don’t always remember to return to the store and comment on what they thought of the whole process or give the item a “star”.

Therefore, it is important to get in touch with the buyer after the product is delivered, asking for an evaluation that will be published on the website, with the customer’s authorization.

It is also essential to have a team specialized in traffic management, marketing, and customer service to get the best results in your sales.


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